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Hello my name is Jane from Jhcalligraphy and I have a passion for all things art and design. I studied art and design for 4 years at the kent institute of art and design in Rochester, kent which is where I learned how to write italic, black letter, gothic cursive, copperplate and many other styles including modern calligraphy fonts. I hold calligraphy sessions at the house of the crafty fox in west street Faversham.

I hold 2 structured calligraphy sessions:

1: beginners: 3hrs for 3 weeks (£75) everything is supplied.
Italic, uncial (an ancient manuscript) and some gothic styles are covered as well as all the skills you’ll need to start writing all forms of calligraphy.

2: modern / copperplate: 3hrs for 3 weeks (£90) dip pen, nibs, ink and paper is supplied.
You’ll learn all the skills you’ll need to write with pen and ink in modern and copperplate styles.

There is also a one off Christmas card evening in November every year.

I can also customise a calligraphy session for your needs just ask for more details.
Commissions are taken for weddings, anniversaries or any occasions. I have work for sale at house of the crafty fox for you to view.

Phone: 07476335099

Dates for calligraphy:

Thursday 7pm -10pm 2/5 to 16/5
Thursday 7pm -10pm 6/6 to 20/6
Thursday 7pm -10pm 4/7 to 18/7
Thursday 7pm -10pm 5/9 to 19/9
Thursday 7pm -10pm 3/10 to 17/10
Thursday 7pm -10pm 7/11 to 21/11

Christmas card calligraphy evening
Friday 7pm -10pm 29/11

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Phone: 07884 946406

Address: Alexander Centre, 17 Preston Street, Faversham, Kent, ME13 8NZ


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